IPQualityScore Disposable Email Detection

IPQualityScore disposable email detection

IPQualityScore disposable email detection disposable email detection detects temporary and disposable mail services that are commonly used by fraudsters and spammers. It also helps stop duplicate & fake accounts that can cause sign up fraud, payments, and other problems for your business.

Easily verify whether an email address is disposable with our easy to use API or lookup tool. These tools can be integrated into your website, software or app.

The API is available for immediate verification of an email address or you can upload CSV files and process them through our client dashboard. The tool will instantly score the address in real-time and identify high risk emails in a matter of minutes.

IPQualityScore Disposable Email Detection: How to Identify and Block Disposable Email Addresses for Your Business

The reputation of an email address is very important for deliverability and user experience. IPQS has extensive email reputation scoring for users worldwide and provides accurate details on inbox and deliverability status, as well as user usage levels and activity rates.

Domain Age & Age Reputation

The age of an email address is a strong indication of whether it is valid or not. IPQS provides detailed domain age & age reputation information in real-time with intelligent domain risk scoring.

Risk & Threat Analysis

The threat level of an email address is very important for your website’s security. IPQS offers an accurate domain reputation score in real-time and filters out users that are likely to abuse your site with phishing, fake accounts & duplicates, low quality user content and payment fraud.

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