Scheming Behemoth Blog Why Choose High-Quality Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Why Choose High-Quality Epoxy Resin Flooring?


highquality epoxy resin flooring

If you want a floor that lasts and is easy to clean then an epoxy resin flooring is a great option. It’s important to make sure you choose a high-quality epoxy resin flooring so that years from now your floors look as good as they did when you applied them. Low-quality epoxy will deteriorate very quickly. The first sign is that the coating will start to dull and eventually wear down to bare concrete. This is due to the abrasion of foot traffic. The best way to avoid this is to read and understand the specifications of the epoxy that you are considering.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of floor is that it is resistant to abrasion, spills and chemicals. It’s also very durable and can be made slip-resistant by adding grit additive to the top coat. In addition, if you ever do need to deep clean your floor, it can be easily wiped down with a mop and water.

Epoxy Elegance: The Key Characteristics of High-Quality Resin Flooring Solutions

Some customers prefer solvent-borne epoxies as they are easy to apply and offer a variety of color options. However, this type of epoxy requires extensive ventilation because it contains added solvents. It can be very toxic when fumes are inhaled. This is a major reason to work with an experienced and knowledgeable epoxy flooring contractor.

There are some newer, water-based polyaspartic products available for industrial and commercial use. These contain less volatile organic compounds and can be applied to concrete floors with less cleanup afterward. However, they are typically more expensive than a true two-part epoxy and can require much more surface prep and curing time.

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