Scheming Behemoth Business Track Your Plant Machinery With a Plant Machinery Tracker

Track Your Plant Machinery With a Plant Machinery Tracker


Plant machinery is expensive and vulnerable to theft. Stolen equipment can cost the Construction industry up to PS800 million per annum including purchasing and hiring replacement equipment, arranging insurance claims, wasted man hours due to lack of machinery, delayed projects, increased fuel costs, etc. With recovery of stolen plant machinery only around 10%, extra security is a must. Our range of real-time tracking solutions can help.

Trackershop offers a full range of 12 and 24-volt plant machinery tracker, suitable for all types of plant machinery, from mini diggers to excavators. Our trackers are designed to offer comprehensive security with features such as zone alerts, battery tamper/over-voltage/lift and tow away/engine cut-off alarms as well as remote immobilisation if required. They provide real time tracking of your equipment and link to a private mapping panel that can be monitored through a mobile app or web portal 24/7 365.

Guardians of Growth: Safeguarding Your Investments with a Plant Machinery Tracker

Our TS10 plant machinery tracker is Thatcham-approved and offers S7 level protection, with an easy remote immobilisation option that can be controlled directly from your phone. It also provides a complete history of all activity, with a live map of your machinery, and can also be set up to send alerts for out-of-hours movement or usage reports to check that plant hired to end users is being used in line with agreed CPA terms and conditions.

Itemit helps teams take responsibility for on-site assets, reducing idle time and allowing you to better enforce rotations of equipment to extend their lifespans. It is simple to assign equipment to individual team members so they know where it is and what time it will be back, helping build a safety-conscious culture in your company.

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