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Things To Do In Abilene, TX


There are many things to do in abilene texas to fill your days and nights. The city is located about two hours south of Austin, in south central Texas in the Dixie Valley. It is also near the Guadalupe river which flows through the Red River. The festivals in Abilene, Texas are varied and plentiful all year round.

The most popular modes of transportation In Abilene, TX

To get to the cultural and entertainment hub, there are plenty of ways to go. The most popular modes of transportation are: highway 95E, I-35 W, Uvliest Waterway, South Congress Avenue, Riverside Drive, MLK Boulevard, Old Town, Third Street, Seaport Village, and Magnolia Avenue. There are also a few historical places to visit, like the Historic East Austin, Old Fort Austin, Latta Park and the Alamo Drafthouse, amongst others. The most popular place to eat in Abilene is the Guadalupe Street Grill, with its extensive inventory of seafood, burgers, nachos and Tex-Mex delicacies. Other good restaurants are Tex-Mexican Food and Deli, Supergrips, Papados, Tortas, Tortilla Chips and Jack-O-Lantern, to name a few.

For those of you who are interested in culture and history, there is a free walking tour of the town. It starts at the Adolphus Schwab Historical Center, wherein the former theatre district of downtown abounds. The tour covers several historical spots including the former State Capitol, the Alamo Drafthouse, the Alamo Plaza and Fort Phantom Hill with its legendary airbnb. You will definitely want to see the picturesque Lackland Airbender National Monument and the Performing Arts Complex on your tour to Texas, so make sure to stop by the Performing Arts Complex before you leave!

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