The Jade Necklace in NZ

jade necklace nz

The Jade necklace is one of the most popularly known ethnic jewelry pieces in the world. The symbolism attached to this jewelry is deeply meaningful and can be worn by anyone from an eight-year-old child to an adult. Of course, there are many different styles of this type of necklace, and there are many reasons why someone would want to wear one. Some of these reasons could include luck, power, fertility, health, luck of the seasons, luck of birth, luck of jade, love, or just for their own personal sense of style.


Many people in the UK believe that wearing a Jade necklace is like bringing the owner’s spirit into themselves, so to speak. This could explain why some people choose to do this at specific times such as their birthday, or other special occasions. It is believed that the wearer’s spirit can come through and “enlighten” another person. Of course, this is only one theory, but it is a fun one. There are also some traditions attached to it that go way back into the Chinese culture- jade necklace nz!


For example, during the Chinese New Year celebrations, one red jade piece is usually sold in every household, and each family celebrates the event differently. However, a lot of them all decorate their homes in the same way. The real symbolism behind a jade necklace in NZ lies in its color and the many myths and legends surrounding it. Some of which include; good fortune, love, peace, fertility, and strength.

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