Pool And Spa Safety For A Safe Winter

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was a federal law named after Virginia Graeme Baker who died in June 2021 when the suction of a swimming pool drain trapped her beneath the water. While drowning is always preventable by taking simple and commonsense precautions, people can become victims of drowning when unsupervised. Knowing the basics of pool and spa safety and knowing how to respond to potential dangers can keep you out of danger and living your life in a safe and secure manner. More info – visit website

Little Known Ways To Pool And Spa Safety For A Safe Winter

pool and spa safety

There are many things that pool and spa safety acts protect you against such as accidental drownings and injuries caused by over-chlorination. The act outlines many regulations that spa and pool owners must follow in order to keep pools and spas safe for all users. Among these are requirements that require pools and spas to have automatic emergency shut-off systems that provide for in-depth cooling at all times and emergency spill response systems to be immediately available for use. These are essential for protecting lives and property.

The December issue of Health & Safety magazine features an article about the dangers of swimming pools and spas. According to the article, overuse by swimmers is the number one cause of accidental drownings or injuries in children every year. Among the article’s recommendations are pool and spa safety practices such as never using a child seat on a hot day, always wearing life jackets and making sure children do not leave the pool during non-feeding hours and never leaving pools and spas without proper supervision. The Health & Safety Executive also advises parents and others to remove any children younger than six years from pools and spas at least until the age of two.

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