Scheming Behemoth Business Onboarding a Temporary Workers Agency

Onboarding a Temporary Workers Agency


A temporary workers agency is a company that matches businesses with temporary staff to meet short-term hiring needs. The firm has a pool of workers it uses to fill positions, and it screens those for skills, experience and other qualifications. An employer enters into a contract with the temp agency that defines what types of workers it needs, the cost paid per hour of work and other details. The agency then draws workers who have the right skills and sends them to the employer on an as-needed basis. URL

This is an efficient solution for companies that have trouble finding permanent employees, those with seasonal workforce demands or other urgent hiring needs. Temp agencies also provide an opportunity for workers to find part-time jobs and explore industries or roles that may be permanent careers. A study by Harvard and Princeton found that about a third of short-term employees have been offered full-time jobs by the companies where they worked.

Onboarding for Temporary Workers

It is important to make sure temporary workers, contract employees and freelancers are oriented to your company culture, procedures, policies and priorities. Orientation should start with a welcome meeting and cover the basics, including access to software and compensation paperwork, as well as team introductions, company vision and goals. It’s also a good idea to give these people specific training on the tasks they’ll be performing so that they can hit the ground running. In addition, you may want to arrange orientation for new hires to your company’s safety procedures, especially for positions such as warehouse labor and assembly where workers need to follow a variety of specific protocols for their own protection.

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