Non-Toxic Baby Toys Made of Organic Cotton

organic cotton baby toys

Non-Toxic Baby Toys Made of Organic Cotton

Estella – organic cotton baby toys toys is one of the best ways to keep your child safe and avoid the toxic chemicals found in conventionally grown cotton. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the gold standard for organic cotton, prohibiting a long list of harmful chemicals at every stage of production from crop management all the way to the finished product.

HABA Wooden Clutching Toys are a great option for teething babies as they are made from solid beech wood (from sustainable German forestry) and water-based finishes that are both non-toxic and safe for little ones. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are perfect for stimulating your baby’s developing senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and movement!

PlanToys Bamboo Sensory Tumble Toy is a 3-piece set of wooden wobbling balls that stimulate a variety of senses. Each of the balls features a different design – one has a fluffy top, one has a mirror and the third has small balls inside that rattle.

Why Choose Organic Cotton Baby Toys: Benefits for Your Baby and the Environment

Bears for Humanity Scrappy Dolls are handmade by children in Northern Argentina. This organization provides a remittance program to provide full-time wages to the children that make these dolls, a great alternative to working for dangerous employers.

Fabelab Buddy Bunny Toys are beautifully made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. These soft toys are ideal for cuddling and playing with your baby.

All of these organic cotton baby toys are a great choice for your baby and the environment. Each toy is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and meets EU standards for safety and health so you can feel good about the choices you make for your family.

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