Laptop Repair – How to Repair a Laptop That Won’t Turn On

Laptop repair

If the laptop screen won’t turn on, a simple restart may fix this problem. If it happens again, it’s likely time to replace the battery. The battery is a small black box that connects to the motherboard via several wires and provides power for the laptop. If it’s corroded or damaged, it won’t turn on and the computer will reboot frequently or won’t boot at all. To check the battery, try plugging it into a different outlet and/or using an ohmmeter to measure the output voltages. If the numbers vary dramatically, it is a good idea to replace the power supply cable or outlet as well. Learn more:

Laptop Repair Tools Every DIY Enthusiast Should Have in Their Arsenal

A common problem is a cracked laptop case or a broken hinge. This can be a difficult repair as you’ll need to remove the back cover of the laptop, which exposes many components to risk. Some shops have special tools to replace the hinges, but you can also try to do it yourself with a bit of patience and some high-temperature tape. Ideally, you should use a roll of Kapton tape, which is made from polyimide and has high-temperature resistance. It’s useful for masking heat-sensitive connections and securing loose cables during soldering.

Another common problem is a dead or dying motherboard or processor. Often the laptop will not start and will emit a series of beeps that tell you what component is defective. If you recently installed new RAM cards or a hard drive, the issue may be with them. You should also replace the CMOS battery if it is bad.

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