How to Select a Tactical Lock Pick Set

tactical lock pick set

Whether you’re an EOD tech working on a tactical lock pick set responding to an emergency, being able to quickly bypass locked obstacles can save lives and property. This article covers the basics of lock picking, including a quick start guide for beginners, as well as how to assemble and carry a tactical lock pick set.

Tactical lock pick sets are typically crafted from high-quality materials, with a focus on durability and resistance to wear and tear. The tools are also meticulously manufactured for precision, resulting in consistent results every time you use the set.

The Art of Lock Picking: Choosing and Using the Right Tool Set

The first step in selecting the right tactical lock pick set for you is to determine your specific needs. The most common requirement is that the set include a variety of tools for tackling various locking mechanisms, including pins, cylinders, and wafer locks. The best tactical pick sets provide a well-thought-out selection of tools to meet this need, and they’re easy to use even for beginners.

Another important factor is how comfortable the tools are to hold and operate. The best tactical pick sets feature ergonomic handles that are molded directly onto the pick, eliminating loose movements and ensuring that vibrations and feedback from the lock are easily transmitted to your fingers. This is especially important when learning to pick, as thin metal handles can dig into your hands and cause discomfort.

Finally, tactical lock pick sets should include a quality case for safe storage and transportation. These cases can be either small nylon flip cases for easy access, or larger, soft-shell zipper cases that can accommodate a full set of tools. A good case will protect your tactical lock pick set from moisture and debris, preventing them from losing their functionality over time.

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