Choosing Horse Riding Clothes For Cooler Climates

The weather in Australia means that horse riding is not an option for a long time, so it is important to have good horse riding clothes and accessories to help protect your body and keep you comfortable. It can sometimes be tough to find the right kind of gear, but there are options available that are specifically designed for horse riding in this environment. If you are new to riding, or an experienced rider, it’s a good idea to check out some of the specialist riding websites online for some good advice on the best equipment, clothing and accessories to get you off to a flying start. There are many specialist brands that manufacture horse riding clothes Australia that are suitable for all weather conditions in Australia including rain, sleet and even the hot sun.


When you’re choosing your paddock boots, you need something light enough to wear in the heat but firm enough to keep you secure and still allow you to have a good grip. It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of boots that are water resistant and that offer a good level of ankle support, especially if you’re going on long distance rides. You’ll also need a suitable top for wearing as well. These tend to be made from cotton or polyester, but there are also many that are covered with a decorative flannel and come in many designs. Paddocks are usually reinforced with Kevlar, which makes them highly resilient and strong, but they don’t give off the heat like some other materials might do.


For comfort, there are a range of chaps that are available to slip over your pants and shorts. They are lightweight and highly breathable, so they are easy to wear, especially if you’re riding in cooler temperatures. You will find many other options available that are specifically designed for horse riding in Australia. They include saddles, lunge lines, helmets, boots, lunge whips and many others.

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