Bulk Bill X Ray

bulk bill x ray

Bulk Bill X Ray is a product that is very similar to its predecessor, the bulk bill. The bulk bill was a phone-based directory that sold a database of United States citizens’ phone numbers. Though, the bulk bill did not have any service beyond the information purchased for purchase, it was still an effective way of finding names and phone numbers. What the bulk bill did not have was a directory that offering reverse lookup services, like what the bulk bill x ray do today.


Though the bulk bill was only in operation for a year, it was already starting to collect a good deal of information. After just a year, it had already gathered more than a million records, and many users reported finding names and phone numbers by using the service. With so many records, however, it also became a victim of hacking. A hacker who wanted to get a hold of the data had to spend long hours trying to crack through layers of encryption on the database. It took him months to bypass all of the encryption, and was then only a matter of time before he got the information he wanted.


Because of this, the United States government had to take drastic measures to stop hackers from tapping into the database. Luckily, the government’s efforts were effective, and most people had their data back within a few days. However, the cost of securing a reverse phone search for bulk bill data paid for by the United States government was more than worth it, and it still is. Reverse lookups for these kinds of directories are still a good way to find out names and phone numbers, and though there is a small fee attached to them, they are usually well worth the price.

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