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Art Gallery and Art Fair – What’s the Difference?


An art gallery is a large space or building for the exhibition of art, most commonly from the collection of the museum. It can be public or privately owned and can be open to all who wish to view or have access to it. Most art galleries are run by an art adviser, who runs the strategy and management of the gallery, and sometimes even handles the booking of artists, depending on the size and popularity of the gallery learn more here. Some smaller galleries will employ just one art adviser, but more often a combination of advisers and a board of directors are needed.

Why need Art Gallery and Art Fair?

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The function of an art gallery is to exhibit a work of art by both new and established artists. Over the years many new artists have gained prominence, especially in the modern art world, and some old favourites have fallen out of favour. This happens sometimes because of limited space available to display the artist’s work, or sometimes because the artist is simply unable to draw the following commercial success. However, more often than not, it is the case that artists are unable to command the same fees as they once did, due to the increased competition. As well as this, certain artists may simply lack the skills required to be a success in a modern gallery environment and so have to rely on the support of others in the industry to promote their work.

Art galleries and art fairs vary greatly, depending on the size of the gallery, its holdings and the artist or artists it showcases. Many galleries hold regular exhibitions of new and up-and-coming works of art, while other museums and art fairs offer only occasional exhibitions, with the majority of their focus on new and well-established talent. Private exhibitions are also quite common, with artists selling their work to selected friends, family members, or art enthusiasts, with the proceeds being used to support the artists, either entirely or partially. However, both types of exhibition can have highly varied followings, from art dealers and art fairs who regularly attend them to individual artists who promote their work at a particular art gallery or fair.

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