Scheming Behemoth Uncategorized A Beginners Guide to Macquerry Driving School

A Beginners Guide to Macquerry Driving School


macquarie driving school

Macquarie Driving School is a reputable Australian driving school that is fully accredited by the Accredited Australian Accident Commission (AAEC). They are one of the most respected institutions in Australia, their school and tools have assisted thousands to gain freedom and a driver’s license. This article is intended as a basic introduction to the school and what is involved in becoming a student there.


As a student at Macquarie Driving School you will be taught all of the basics to safely drive and follow road laws. Along with this they will have the opportunity to gain the skills they need to pass their driving tests. After passing your road test you will then be eligible to apply for a driver’s license. There are two types of classes offered at this driving school, the Ground School and the Driving Academy. The classes are designed to help students gain the skills they need to become responsible, skilled and knowledgeable drivers.


One thing that is important to note when choosing a driving school is what sort of feedback you can get from past students. As a new student it may be difficult to ask people you know about your progress, however by searching online you should be able to find some positive experiences from past students. Asking around can also help you find some of the best driving schools. It is also worth enquiring about the driving school’s policies regarding on-the-job training.

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