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80s Womens Fashion


80s womens fashion was vibrant, oversized, and dramatic. Women were freed from the strictness of the 1970s fashion. The 80s made an emphasis on the power of women’s voices and the freedom of the female body.

Women in the 1980s wore clothes that empowered them. They used structured outfits, large earrings, and colorful accessories. A bold makeup was also popular.

During the early 80s, brightly colored pointy shoes were a must-have. Women often paired these shoes with denim shorts.

Another trend of the 80s was the use of beaded jewelry. Jewelry was cheap and easily accessible, and it could add some glam to an outfit.

The 80s Punk Movement and Its Impact on Fashion

Women in the 80s wore shoulder pads to accentuate their feminine shape. These padded shoulders gave the illusion of broad shoulders and a commanding presence.

80s fashion was also characterized by oversized blazers. Dancers and fitness gurus popularized this type of jacket. Leather jackets with shoulder pads were also a favorite for 80s fashion.

Other 80s fashion trends were the use of animal print. There were a number of different animal prints available, from leopard to snakeskin. It was also common to find faux-fur garments.

The 80s also featured a Gothic look. This look consisted of pale skin, dark eyeliner, and long back-combed hair.

Some of the most memorable outfits from the 80s include the famous power suit worn by Margaret Thatcher. Many celebrities also wore outfits featuring animal prints.

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