Day: October 4, 2021

Setting Up Your Microsoft 365 Subscription – Part 1Setting Up Your Microsoft 365 Subscription – Part 1

The first part of this article was about how to get started using Microsoft 365. In the second part of this article we move on to the second stage of using Microsoft 365. Get Involved Click on get started below to start. Enter your product identification to purchase and download Microsoft 365. This link –

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Your Microsoft 365 Subscription – Part 1

Get Installation Information After you have purchased and downloaded Microsoft 365, proceed to the Microsoft 365 Installation Wizard. Here you will be prompted with an overview of what steps you should take next. In this stage, you will be prompted to enter account credentials. These account credentials are your username and password you created when you set up your custom user on the Microsoft 365 portal.

Setup Your Computer For the Setup Windows System Microsoft provides a ready-to-use setup windows so that you can skip right ahead to getting started. To do this, you will need to launch the Store at the top center of the page. Once the Store appears, select “urchase” and follow the simple instructions provided. You will then be prompted with a message regarding the activation of your account. Follow the prompts and sign in. You will be prompted again with a message on how to complete the activation.