Day: February 19, 2021

Discover the Joy of a Part Time KindergartenDiscover the Joy of a Part Time Kindergarten

petone kindergarten

Petone Kindergarten in New York offers some of the best early childhood programs for children of all ages. “We offer high quality, inclusive and highly accessible early childhood education offered in warm, supportive environments where learning is enjoyable and fun.” Nasal ferrous

Petone kindergarten.

In Petone Kindergarten, children join forces to create a new world where they grow with joy and adventure in a safe and secure environment. Students will engage in hands-on science projects, art activities, nature trips and delicious meals in a fully equipped classroom. Classroom teachers use a hands-on approach to teaching skills while promoting creativity, imagination and awareness of the world around them. Art materials in the classroom include construction paper, clay, crayons, paints, chalk, rubber stamps and more. All the supplies you will need for this exciting and educational preschool are available at the nearest Petone Kindergarten.

Your child will learn how to take part in physical activity using a healthy and well balanced lunch menu. The preschool is a safe place for children to explore their creativity as well as learn how to become responsible and self-respecting people when they leave the school premises. Your child will develop a sense of independence and confidence as they go on to visit other schools and begin to feel like an adult. All of these and more will be taught to your child in Petone Kindergarten.